Datacenter Facility Solutions

EMC Team of specialists provides design, construction, and maintenance for Datacenter Facilities, which is vital to success of any project as a datacenter serves as central file storage wherein data and information are managed. Using international industry standards and recommendations, EMC ensures this critical part of its service conforms with clients’ requirements and core business activities.

Cooling Solutions

Precisely controlling the environment in your data center is critical to maximizing availability and performance of essential equipment. The challenges of cooling are these spaces mount as the move to smaller servers results in significantly higher power consumption and more heat generation. Data centers require spot cooling solutions that are designed to remove the total heat output of a room. Whether you are designing your data center from the ground up or upgrading an existing data center, EMS deliver high efficiency, flexible IT cooling solutions that work smarter not harder. Across low, medium, and high-density applications, our systems provide reliability and resilience that maximizes up time and optimizes efficiency. Whether your requirement is the mass cooling of server rooms, rack cooling, data room cooling or general IT cooling, we can provide the perfect, energy efficient, secure, available and resilient solution to meet your need.

• Down Flow
• Aisle Containment
• Plenum return containment
• Side Closed Loop
• On-Row Cooling

Power Solutions

Power setup is one of the most critical parts within Datacenter Facility preparation design. UPS, power generator, ATS, power cables, PDUs, …; all are power components that should be designed very carefully to maintain continuity and efficiency of the Datacenter facility. Power equipments with poor power factor (PF) lead to inefficient power delivery system; which means carry more current, therefore, that require larger power cables and paying more money for electricity bill. In addition, maintaining optimum smooth and regular sine wave voltage and frequency will increase equipments performance. Considering the amount of power consumed by Datacenter facility and its criticality, this is why it is essential to get power equipments that are highly optimized and efficient.

Structured Cabling Solutions

As experts within the Data Centre environment, EMS and their partners are uniquely positioned to provide Data Centre and Server Room structured cabling solutions & services. Datacenter has become the most critical asset. It is truly the operations centre of your business: housing mission-critical applications, equipment and systems that need to enable every transaction, communication and task.
EMS provides superior performing, end to end structured cabling solutions to meet your present day and future Data Centre needs. EMS design scalable Data Centre cabling infrastructure to support future growth and potent new technologies, providing Data Centre Performance, Density and Manageability … Without compromise.

• Cabling solutions (Copper and Fiber)
• Pre-terminated Cables
• Intelligent Infrastructure solutions
• Cabinets
• Cable Tray System

Safety and Security Solutions

Datacenters are critical facilities for the vast majority of businesses. But from managing complexity to improving energy efficiency and meeting security and business regulatory requirements, datacenters face many challenges. Protecting critical data is as important as ensuring uptime and availability of service: Our integrated, tailored solutions and services help efficiently detect and respond to a wide variety of events that can threaten datacenters’ business continuity and profitability – all in compliance with regulatory requirements.

• Our one - stop-shop solutions fully integrate:
• Fire detection, evacuation, and extinguishing
• Access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection
• Grounding and Bounding System

Environmental Management Solutions

Environmental management solutions components that EMS offers has the ability to communicate through TCP/IP network; cooling, UPS, Firefighting, Access Control, CCTV, PDU, and Cabinets. Therefore, using web interface you can have access to the system for monitoring and control purposes (i.e. display and adjust system parameters,reports for proactive actions, remote troubleshooting, …). In case of emergency or system malfunction, the systems have the ability to send alerts through emails or SMS. In addition, the environmental management solution that EMS offers is designed to be deployed to be within a cabinet to monitor its internal and external environment.