Data Center Facility Solutions

With a dedicated team of data centre professionals, EMS is at the forefront of data centre design and development. In the ever-evolving world of big data and cloud computing, we stand ready to help our clients scale their data centre operations and IT infrastructure together with their business expansion. EMC Team of specialists provides design, construction, and maintenance for Datacenter Facilities. Using international industry standards and recommendations, EMC ensures this critical part of its service conforms with clients’ requirements and core business activities. We can customize data center designs that have proven best practice as well as those that meet the Uptime Institute standards, tailoring solutions based on the end user requirements in order to optimize the CAPEX, reduce risk and improve reliability. We are extensively involved in the renovation and upgrade of existing data centers as well as the design of new datacenter facilities. Our turnkey datacenter solutions are designed to satisfy the diverse IT requirements of small, medium and large enterprises.

UPS Solution

Electricity is crucial for any business. In today's 24x7 world business processes and company productivity are increasingly based on the reliable availability of power. That's why it's critical to protect your systems, data and operations.
An Uninterruptible power Supply (UPS) is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide clean high quality power without any break in supply, regardless of what the mains power supply is doing, safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment and key business areas against potentially devastating power problems.

EMS engaged in UPS Solutions services to provide business facilities an enhanced power filtering and battery backup capacity.
EMS has the knowledge and ability to understand your needs to provide you with the right clean power solution. We recognize that the selection of the correct UPS product for your application can require specialized knowledge.

Precision Cooling for IT systems

Precisely controlling the environment in your data center is critical to maximizing availability and performance of essential equipment. The challenges of cooling are these spaces mount as the move to smaller servers’ results in significantly higher power consumption and more heat generation. Data centers require spot cooling solutions that are designed to remove the total heat output of a room. Whether you are designing your data center from the ground up or upgrading an existing data center, EMS deliver high efficiency, flexible IT cooling solutions that work smarter not harder. Across low, medium, and high-density applications, our systems provide reliability and resilience that maximizes uptime and optimizes efficiency. Whether your requirement is the mass cooling of server rooms, rack cooling, data room cooling or general IT cooling, we can provide the perfect, energy efficient, secure, available and resilient solution to meet your need. EMS is specialized in below cooling technologies

• Down Flow
• In-Row Cooling
• Aisle Containment
• Plenum Return Containment
• Side Closed Loop

Security & Environment Management System

Environmental threats in your server room can cause a lot more damage than hardware or software problems. Compute is quickly moving closer to where it is used at the Edge, increasing the risks of water damage, high temperature & humidity, fire or other conditions bringing down business-critical applications. Intentional or malicious access events not only threaten compute availability, but also leave enterprises vulnerable to costly compliance violations. Don't ignore environmental threats – remotely manage them with an Environment Monitoring System or Intelligent Power Distribution Control Unit via TCP/IP Ethernet protocol over CAT5 through an RJ45 connector.
EMS offers active monitoring solutions designed to protect against environmental threats and unauthorized access risks that can cause downtime to IT infrastructure, in both Edge Compute and Data Center environments

Power Solutions

Power setup is one of the most critical parts within Datacenter Facility preparation design. UPS, power generator, ATS, power cables, PDUs, all are power components that should be designed very carefully to maintain continuity and efficiency of the Datacenter facility. Power equipment’s with poor power factor (PF) lead to inefficient power delivery system; which means carry more current, therefore, that require larger power cables and paying more money for electricity bill. In addition, maintaining optimum smooth and regular sine wave voltage and frequency will increase equipment’s performance. Considering the amount of power consumed by Datacentre facility and its criticality, this is why it is essential to get power equipment’s that are highly optimized and efficient. Our dedicated engineers specialize in this key sector design and implement the best solution based on customer and site requirements.

Raised Floor Solution

From the smallest computer room to the largest office building, EMS offers a full range of raised access flooring systems with special focusing on Data centre environments, that require the ability to accommodate a large number of data cables, handle high temperatures, and be adaptable for future technological and cooling progressions. A Raised Floor addresses all of these demands whilst remaining cost effective and enabling a flexible, secure, and dependable situation.
Accessories such as ramps, steps, grommets, fire barrier, handrails and power outlet boxes can be fitted to our flooring systems and a full range of coverings are available, making our products the ultimate in flexibility.